To help you find the best and safest way to explore Northwest Indiana through connected systems of paths, bike lanes and trails. We work hand and hand with the local community, local planners and government agencies to accomplish this mission.


To live in a place where you can step out of your home and travel safely by bike, or on foot, to any place in Northwest Indiana via a interconnected system of greenway corridors and complete streets.

Who we are?

South Shore Trails is comprised of local groups that are part South Shore Trails Network, and people from Northwest Indiana who utilize our paths, trails and bike lanes on a regular basis, whether for commuting, exercise or leisure. We are a union of local advocates who aim for active and safe transportation, encouraging eco-friendly alternative transportation and recreation for everyone. We are committed to promote health, quality of life and Indiana’s economy through the development of bicycle-friendly roads and greenway corridors. To make all these things possible, we partner with the local government and individuals, who help us identify resources and are enthusiastic to share relevant educational information with us.

Connect with us

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